An Update on the Sproul 13

Good news! Our campaign of putting pressure on DA Nancy O’Malley and Chancellor Birgeneau has been very successful, and we thank everyone for their efforts. The DA has dismissed charges against 11 of the 13 people charged for the events of Nov. 9 and has informed a twelfth that her charges will be dropped on her next court appearance, May 4.  But the DA’s office has not made any commitments to drop the charges against the final protester, Jasper Bernes, even though they admit that Chancellor Birgeneau (in response to our pressure) has withdrawn his support for criminal charges. Jasper is scheduled for a pretrial on May 9, the six-month anniversary of the police violence on Nov. 9. It is a fitting date to bring this whole affair to a close.  

We need to keep up the pressure and assure that this last charge is dropped. Please call or write the DA between now and Jasper’s pretrial.

District Attorney Nancy O’Malley’s phone #:  510.272.6222 ;  (510) 268-7500 ; email:
Chancellor Birgeneau’s phone #: :510-642-7464; email:


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