Two new articles about the stay-away orders

Ali Winston, East Bay Express, “Are stay-away orders against UC Berkeley students unconstitutional?” 3/28.

Davalos, who took part in the November 2009 occupation of Wheeler Hall and a March 4, 2010 march against cuts to public education that resulted in 153 arrests, believes he was singled out for his past activism. Davalos says the stay-away order will also disrupt his job as director of the Bridges Diversity Center on campus, which brings hundreds of students of color to campus on recruiting trips. “When we don’t do our job making Berkeley attractive to them, the numbers drop,” Davalos said, pointing to the decrease in black and Latino enrollment at UC Berkeley since the 1990s. “This is exactly what I was out there fighting against on November 9th,” he said. “And instead of listening to our protest, I got beaten up and now I’m being charged for it.”

Nicole Jones, The Informant (KALW), “Judge orders Cal students to stay away from UC property” 3/27.

Jeff Wozniak, a lawyer for one of the students, said the stay-away orders mean that the charged students are not allowed within 100 yards of any campus property, except when going to class or a job on campus. It’s not clear if these students are barred from the recreation center or other UC buildings.

“All of UC property is a stay away order,” Wozniak said, “but the order didn’t define what all UC property is.”


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